Commissioned Works On The Way For Agrodolce Restaurant

By mid-September I will have a new series of Colorstretch works hanging at Agrodolce Restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. They will be placed in the bar of the restaurant. 

ImageThe Colorstretch technique that I started using in 2006 has evolved over the years. The artistry is still being worked on as far as paint used and the process of making the painting itself. The look is inspired by the love of fluidity, water swirling, tides, waves. I have to admit that another reason I like the technique is because it reminds me of 1960-70″s era sound speakers that my Mom had when I was a kid. They had this beautiful swirly colored fabric that was so unique and fun to look at. Your eyes followed the whole surface. 

The new ones in the works are going to be the largest to date with the size of 36″ x 48″ they will be rather large and therefore far more eye flow. There will be ones with thinner bands of color that are tighter together, and ones that have wider bands of pure color. 

My gallery Colorstretch on the blog has the first one painted and my most recent. They are best viewed in person. To see my Colorstretch paintings in person contact me via email:

Cold Flowers…Finished

ImageThe latest piece of my Efflorescence series (abstract flowers) is titled “Cold Flowers.” I had a vision, it was created. Painting it required one gallon of paint, it is on a 36” x 48” canvas. It is my favorite painting of that technique to date. There are only nine colors and within a range of soft tones and metallics. The palate, to me, is reminiscent of late Fall, Winter, snow, cold, cloudy colors. I wanted a painting that was rich in texture. My vision was to create peaks of paint over an inch from the surface of the canvas.

Some of the following paintings will have even more texture and peaks that are closer together, hopefully, and possibly higher. I very much enjoy creating these works of art and mostly gazing at them once they are on display.

It will not be shown at Agrodolce Restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The painting can be seen by appointment in my studio.

Please contact me via email: