In 2017, I was chosen to paint one of eleven pianos that were to be placed in a public park for one day. It was meant to bring artists to the communities. For the communities to come out and play music with their friends, family, or play a quick tune on your way into work. I was completely honored to be chosen. Still to this day one of my most favorite accomplishments. Meant to engage in art and the wonderful power of music. My sister came to visit. My family was together, along with friends, we watched as people came out to see and play my piano, covered with painted flowers, at Steve Cox Memorial Park, in White Center.

Here is what I wrote for my submission to be considered an artist for this event:

I have been exposed to music ever since I was conceived. Being that my mother has been playing the piano since before then till present, I have always had fond affections for music. It is the very foundation of who I am. I couldn’t imagining not being able to listen to music while I create my art. Although I do not play an instrument, I create abstract images, saturated with rich colors. I call my works Colorspace, which is also the name of my studio. Color is all around us. It creates profound reactions, and that is why I paint. Color makes me happy, but also I feel it creates a mood, and evokes emotions. Back in 2004, I felt the need to paint. I didn’t know what I was doing, but 13 years later I use several techniques that are visually and texturally engaging. My proposal is to use a technique I call Efflorescence. It means the state of flowering. I create abstract flowers using thick paints and the outcome is very pretty and unique. When I saw that there was a call for artists to paint a piano for the parks, I felt very compelled to apply. Covering an entire piano in flowers in the summer would create a wondrous sense of Mind, Body, Light, Sound, and also pay homage to my absolute love for music.

I have posted pictures from the first time I picked out the piano, the unveiling, and then the actual day of my piano on display in the park.

The piano was donated to Inscape Arts in Seattle. I had my studio there for six years. So, it was fitting that it stays there. I hope it resides at Inscape for a long time!!