This gallery titled Colorspace, represents my first style of painting. In 2004, I needed to paint. I felt it, and that’s what I did. I am attracted to Abstract Expressionism and the artists that fall under that style of painting. In Colorspace, there are no recognizable features, although sometimes people “see things” in the paintings. This technique is the result of my experimentation with different brush strokes and textured mediums, as well as how color is placed on the surface. I use a wide variety of tools to help me achieve different and unique surfaces. When someone looks at one of my paintings, I hope they are moved, because color evokes emotion and know that when I look at my paintings I react to the colors I see. It’s fun to look and wonder about possible images, some look like reflections or abstract dimensions in the real world. Not only are acrylics used, but a multitude of other media as well, from textured mediums to interferences, food coloring to metal shavings and many other components that are used to create Colorspaces. They are painted on all sizes of canvases and found surfaces, big and small. In here, and in the “Small, Framed, & Pastel” gallery, one can see a large representation of my work, in this style.

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