This technique started all the way back in 2006, which was different than the Colorspace and Colorstretch styles I had been working with up to that point. By then I could place my paintings into three separate categories, based on what’s on the surfaces. I started out small, then worked up to a larger piece, a piece that was gifted to a friend, but it was a technique that I wanted to keep playing with. Over the years I have made several (less than 10) of this style in various sizes. Those were all gifted as well, so I really can’t recall first hand what my style looked like back then, which is the progression to which it is today. Back in 2012, Maria Hines, my dearest friend, asked me to create paintings that would live in her third, certified organic restaurant, Agrodolce, in Fremont Wa. I said yes, and now five 36″ x 48″ and two 48″x 60″ (the largest surface I have ever painted) do reside there. On this site you can see photos of the restaurant. They work well in that space, which has large windows to let nice light in. Stop by and have a meal of organic Sicilian cuisine, delicious cocktails and check out my art work.


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