In the studioArt has always been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Looking at my mother’s college art textbooks always gave me joy: all the great painters from old masters to modern art, sculpture, etc. Also, being around antiques and precious treasures that my grandparents had, gave me an obligation of treating things with care and archival. Being a self-trained artist, I have worked with ceramics, glass blowing, pen and ink, mixed media and acrylics. I appreciate all forms of arts, culinary arts, high fashion, and music, sculpture, architecture, and much more. Inspirations come from my soundings, clouds, flowers, moss, and Mother Nature in general. I will always be producing art in some way shape or form, and I will always take classes to see what other art forms interest me.

In my work that I call Colorspace, there is a sense of emotion that needs to be conveyed through color. I use acrylics to create saturated abstract paintings, that draw the viewer into a place of personal reflection or will be drawn to the colors themselves. There are really no recognizable features in the art, except for the Efflorescence series of my work. My work is primarily color without borders intended to create a visceral response.

There are daily activities that stimulate the brain chemically.  Smells that bring you back to when you were a child. Tasting something you remember from your most favorite meal. Seeing a loved one, or beautiful architecture, or painting that truly makes you think and maybe cry. Color is a foundation of our lives. We relate to it in an instinctual primal way. That’s why I paint, hoping to evoke some kind of emotion by looking at the art, by looking at spaces of color.

I am deeply inspired by nature and the movement of all things. Everything has a vibration of some sort. Texture is all around us, objects, surfaces we can touch, things we see that are far away (but we think we might know what it feels like). Fractals are another profound concept ingrained in my head, they go on forever; they are math, math is the universe. Thoughts of atoms compared to galaxies fascinates me. When I look at my paintings there is movement, depth of texture, with surfaces that look like they could be “vibrating”, dissipating, swirling, falling, melting, pouring, dissolving. They are meant to be gazed at, lots of eye-flow.

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