Eric Edward Kolbe, Colorspace Studio @ Inscape Arts October 2013 – October 2019 Seattle, WA




Donated three paintings to Swedish Medical Center’s permanent art collection, to be hung on their campus – Seattle, WA

Donated Painting to: “The Night of Hope Gala” Auction – Everett, WA


Cloud Gallery – Seattle, WA

Salon Bar-Kon, Seattle, WA

Donated painting to Seattle Men’s Chorus Auction – Seattle, WA


One of 11 artists chosen to participate in Pianos in the Parks 2017, Piano location was at Steve Cox Memorial Park 7-29-17. Piano is currently on indefinite display at Inscape Arts – Seattle, WA

Donated Painting to: “The Night of Hope Gala” Auction – Everett, WA

Donated Painting to: FareStart, for their 25Th anniversary gala – Seattle, WA

Evergreen Chiropractic (indefinite) – Seattle, WA

Cloud Gallery – Seattle, WA


Salon Bar-Kon – Seattle, WA


Donated Painting to: “Hope Gala” Auction, American Cancer Society – Seattle, WA

Donated Paintings to: “The Night of Hope Gala” Auction – Everett, WA

Gethsemane Lutheran – Seattle, WA

Columbia City Bakery – Seattle, WA


Donated Painting to: “Tuxes and Tails” Auction, Bellevue, WA

Broadcast Coffee – Seattle, WA

Golden Beetle Restaurant 2014-2017 – Seattle, WA


Wallingford Family Chiropractic – Seattle, WA

Miniature Art Extravaganza, All City Coffee – Seattle, WA


Agrodolce Restaurant – Seattle, WA


Speakeasy Art Coop – Tacoma, WA


Brenda Lee Gallery – Milton, WA

Press Links

Ballard’s Golden Beetle Gets a Dining Room Refresh:

“Market Street’s Golden Beetle just got a design revamp from Root Culture Lab. The Mediterranean-inspired menu at the Maria Hines restaurant remains the same. But the space now has a new seating arrangement and interior details, including an infusion of greenery and a commissioned triptych from Seattle artist Eric Kolbe.”

John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet:

“Agrodolce, with just 43 seats inside—and right now it would be nice to go al fresco if the infamous Seattle rainfall doesn’t interfere–is a very West Coast-amiable place with soft banquettes you can lean back and sink into, lighted trees, and abstract artwork by Eric Kolbe that evokes vegetation.”

Seattle Weekly News: Agrodolce Art Has Guests Showing Their Colors:
“Jim Hodges’ work has hung at Tilth since the restaurant opened in 2005, and Frank Huster’s photographs have always lined the walls of Golden Beetle, but Maria Hines was never on the receiving end of so much art criticism until she selected Eric Kolbe’s colorful paintings to decorate Agrodolce.”

Fife Free Press: Freeform Art Featured at Brenda Lee Gallery:
“Kolbe’s work is freeform, some pieces with vibrant, iridescent colors and others with understated, airy hues. He said he uses a range of acrylic paints, inks, watercolors, enamels and food coloring to guide the viewer into the moods and nuances of what he sees in everyday life. The viewer can tell that he reflects deep in his psyche to channel his innermost thoughts and impressions onto the canvas or paper; oftentimes, what results is a surprise to him.”

Here is a documentary I am in directed by Michelle Hanes. It’s showcasing artists in Inscape Arts!

One thought on “RESUME and PRESS

  1. Fantastic Eric!!!!!
    Love your new website.
    You did a great job of showcasing you and your beautiful work.

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