New Sizes

I am in the middle of creating two new paintings. They are 12″ x 48″, it’s a great shape, elegant, long, bold. The colors are a really pretty Blue and Silver, and a Pale Flower. Here are a couple of pictures. Can’t wait to paint the sides and get them on a wall!!! Just today it was decided the Blue Flower, which is still drying while I am writing this, is being donated to Fare Starts 25th Year Anniversary Gala Auction! This is the second painting this year to be donated to charity! 

New Pale Flowers 

I created two shades of Pale Flower paintings over the past four years, their titles are, “Pale Flowers” and “Cold Flowers.” They are very neutral in their appearance. Like their names suggests, the colors are primarily in the shades of white, golds, maybe silvers, ultra soft yellows, what ever colors might fall within that spectrum. To me, once I make Cold Flowers, it reminded me of meringue. I intend to create another flower painting in that vein in the next week. It might be a #2 of the titles above or might have another name altogether! Pictures for sure to come! 

Spring Flowers

This week I will start the first of three flower paintings for Agrodolce restaurant in Fremont. The first one I will do will be a new series of color, or a one-off, I’m not sure, but it will be a blend of Yellow and Red flowers throughout 12 sf. of canvas! This will be a beautiful piece just in time for spring. Following that, will be Blue #5, & Red #7. I’ll be busy, and will be posting pictures very soon! ✨