The commission was a success. It was delivered last week. The woman who commissioned it loved it. I was able to help her hang it in the right spot. I really like commissions. They can be a little stressful, but the end result is always a good experience. Can’t wait till my next one…

Pale Flowers Commission

I was approached by a woman who has had my business card for 10 years!!!. She said she has always wanted a flower painting like I make. I am pretty honored that she still remembers me after so long. We met at her home and talked about the painting and I brought her a color board. She was initially thinking blue and a pale flower somehow together. But we eliminated the blues and stuck with just one on the third row of the board. So it will be a Pale Flowers now Focusing on light colors, grays, metallics, and a touch of grey blue………………… more to come!!!

New Beginnings

Wow, I haven’t posted in almost 3 years. So much has happened since then. I haven’t painted a painting in almost 3 years as well. We were going to move to Port Townsend and then Covid hit so we decided not to. Waited one year, then moved out here. It took four months to find a place to live. We moved to a two acre property. It needed a lot of work outside. My partner and I have spent the past year transforming our property into something really special.

So now it’s time to start painting again. I was approached about a commission and I accepted. I have bought 7 canvases and 50+ tubes of paint. I have 4 canvases in the studio that need paint on them too! I have 11 now to create. My studio is all ready! I am going to resurrect my Colorspace technique that I do. I am very excited about that. I also have talked to a gallery in downtown Port Townsend. It is a collective of artist, local artists. It’s time to be seen again be in the public’s eye. More to come.