Flowers For The Cloud Room

I have completed and delivered a very large 48″ x 60″ blue flower painting to The Cloud Room on Capital Hill. I started out with 130 tubes of paint, of which I ended up using 70 tubes, which is a tad over TWO gallons of paint😃.

When I do any painting I always paint the sides with a custom color that is specific to that particular piece. When doing sides of flower paintings, there are a lot more finer details and flowers to paint around. I usually do 4 times around, sometimes more. To get an idea, the one I just did, if you add up the sides it is 18′ around. In this case I painted the sides 6 times which equals 108 linear feet! That is a lot.

Also, I did a couple of thing different which I tried to streamline the process, I liked how it went and look forward to creating another (not so big) very soon. Here are a couple of pictures!

Big painting!Here it is, in its new home!


Tonight is Capitol Hill Art Walk! I have a show for two months at SALON BAR-KON! The address is 1416 Boylston Ave! Swing by and check out what is on display. Also, my partner and I will have goods from our Etsy site! Puget Forged Sea Glass is our name, and we have a collection of beautiful sea glass from the Puget Sound, also featuring glass hearts, perfect for Valentines Day… see ya there!