Studio Life Is Amazing

October 1st marked the opening of Colorspace Studio. This is a very important time in my life. My art is flourishing, and this is becoming one of my most prolific years since I began painting in 2004. Until now, 2006 was my most productive year of painting. I am very happy that Maria Hines has chosen my art to hang indefinitely at Agrodolce Restaurant, as well asĀ in a business in Wallingford.

In addition, I am participating in the 2013 Miniature Art Extravaganza at All City Coffee In Georgetown, and next month, on December 8th (save the date), Inscape Arts will have its open house. It is done quarterly, so this is the final showcase for the year, but my first since becoming a business there! All tenants, including myself, will have their doors open to the public for all to see our talents. Perfect timing for Christmas gifts made my local artists of all types. I am truly excited for this next year there and seeing what will manifest.

Thank you to all my friends and family. xo