Piano Done!

Can’t share full pictures of the piano, not until after the unveiling at 12Th Ave Arts @ 1620 12th Ave. on Capital Hill on 7-13-17 from 5-8 pm. My piano, along with the  other 5 artists whose pianos will be at select parks for one day only, will be inside the 12 th Ave. Arts building. The remaining pianos that will be at 5 select parks for a duration of two weeks will be outside on the street that will be blocked off. Come out and see how the pianos turned out! I can’t wait to send it off to the world! More to come of the thought process that is in the works of how this piano will live out its days and where that might be! 

5 thoughts on “Piano Done!

  1. The unveiling will be such a memorable event! I look forward to joining the festivities that evening!

  2. Eric, I am excited for you and will be there in spirit. Happy and look forward to more pictures.

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