Unveiling and On…..

My proposal was to cover a piano in flowers. I didn’t know what my piano was going to look like at all. When they delivered all the pianos, and we were able to choose ours, what caught my eye was a very large upright piano. It had a beautiful oval wood carving on the front of it and I immediately knew I would paint flowers on that particular spot, because the flowers painted there would be showcased perfectly. It turned out to be made in Chicago, which is one of my favorite cities, but also that it was an upright grand piano, never knew they made a grand piano that way. I ended up leaving parts of the piano unpainted and those I painted black. It looks really neat and unique. 

 I have been mulling over the thought of spraying the piano surface that is covered in flowers with a UV protectant clear coat….every flower painting I create I always use a clear coat,  1) to protect the surface from splatters, 2) to protect from sunlight…. In doing so, the peaks of the flowers become hard and sharp. So if I was to do that it could pose a challenge, if in the future it would poke or scratch someone. NOT GOOD…….

So, I am forgoing a clear coat. I have NO idea where the piano will end up going. Auction, library, maybe even Inscape Arts! My thought is, flowers get picked or they die in flower patches, parks, gardens, etc. I hope I know where mine ends up. More than anything now, I want to document with pictures the evolution of the piano and flowers painted on it. How long will they last? Will they get picked off? Will they get squished? All fun to think about, plus I’ll document how I age too. 😊

More to come…

3 thoughts on “Unveiling and On…..

  1. Eric, It was educational to read your posting. Thanks for sharing why you will not use the clear and what happens when
    you do use it. It will be nice to hear where and how the aging goes!!!!

  2. Everyone who sees your piano will be amazed and in awe! There has never been, and never will be, another like it!

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