PiP Started

Pianos in the Park (PiP) is a yearly event where local artists are chosen to paint a piano for a certain park for one day, or two weeks for a select park. I was chosen to paint a piano for the Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center this year. It will be there for 1 day on July 29th. I have painted all the surfaces that I have chosen to paint, now it’s drying time…. I will have to spray it with a clear coat as well. I hope I didn’t make the piano too delicate. It’s like a flower patch, over time, the flowers will die or get picked off?! In any such manner, I am honored to be a part of this years event! The unveiling will be held in July 13th at Capital Hill Arts on 12th Ave. It will be exciting to see how the other artists decorate their pianos! 🎹🎼

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