Permanent Home

The piano that I painted for a Pianos in the Park 2017 has been here with me at Inscape for two years. It was painted here. I’ll never forget choosing the piano, 1 of 11, and it was cool because this one spoke to me. I loved being able to put the blue flowers on the framed part on the front of the piano. I loved everything about that experience. What an honor to have been chosen for that. Well now that I’m leaving Inscape Arts it will stay behind for others to enjoy for years and years to come. I’ll have to visit it from time to time during their twice a year open studios! I’ll miss seeing it when I leave.

Agrodolce Changing Hands

After 6 years of my art at Agrodolce Restaurant in Fremont I had to remove it. It changed hands in March, and the new owner wanted to decorate to his liking. I had a great time being a part of the restaurant. My art made the walls so beautiful. I perfected my technique over the years being there. They are so unique, colorful, vibrant, and textured. So many people loved to see them there. I had many commissions and met really great people. I was able to deliver flowers to Chicago because of my flowers seen there. I will hold those memories very dear to my heart. Wish you the best of luck!

New Studio Space

After 6 years At Inscape Arts my studio will relocate back to my home. I have been painting for 15 years now and 9 of them have been at my house, so I am accustomed to it. I will miss Inscape terribly but all things come to an end. Who knows, I might have another space in an art  collective again one day. I am in the middle of setting my space up and will start painting again real soon! New artwork to come soon, with pictures.

Flowers For The Cloud Room

I have completed and delivered a very large 48″ x 60″ blue flower painting to The Cloud Room on Capital Hill. I started out with 130 tubes of paint, of which I ended up using 70 tubes, which is a tad over TWO gallons of paint😃.

When I do any painting I always paint the sides with a custom color that is specific to that particular piece. When doing sides of flower paintings, there are a lot more finer details and flowers to paint around. I usually do 4 times around, sometimes more. To get an idea, the one I just did, if you add up the sides it is 18′ around. In this case I painted the sides 6 times which equals 108 linear feet! That is a lot.

Also, I did a couple of thing different which I tried to streamline the process, I liked how it went and look forward to creating another (not so big) very soon. Here are a couple of pictures!

Big painting!Here it is, in its new home!