Permanent Home

The piano that I painted for a Pianos in the Park 2017 has been here with me at Inscape for two years. It was painted here. I’ll never forget choosing the piano, 1 of 11, and it was cool because this one spoke to me. I loved being able to put the blue flowers on the framed part on the front of the piano. I loved everything about that experience. What an honor to have been chosen for that. Well now that I’m leaving Inscape Arts it will stay behind for others to enjoy for years and years to come. I’ll have to visit it from time to time during their twice a year open studios! I’ll miss seeing it when I leave.

2 thoughts on “Permanent Home

  1. This is just the most amazingly painted piano…one of a kind! You did such a wonderful, unique job on it….very classy! Again, a great experience!

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