New Studio Space

After 6 years At Inscape Arts my studio will relocate back to my home. I have been painting for 15 years now and 9 of them have been at my house, so I am accustomed to it. I will miss Inscape terribly but all things come to an end. Who knows, I might have another space in an art  collective again one day. I am in the middle of setting my space up and will start painting again real soon! New artwork to come soon, with pictures.

7 thoughts on “New Studio Space

  1. Having your studio at Inscape was very special! I always enjoyed going to the many open studio events over the years!

    1. That’s what I’ll miss most is the open studios where I got to meet so many people and to talk about how special the building was! So many fellow great artists in there too!

      1. Yes, talking to all the visitors who would stop in to see your art was wonderful. Everyone always was so happy to have a chance to roam the many floors and see work by the talented artists!

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