Flowers For The Cloud Room

I have completed and delivered a very large 48″ x 60″ blue flower painting to The Cloud Room on Capital Hill. I started out with 130 tubes of paint, of which I ended up using 70 tubes, which is a tad over TWO gallons of paint😃.

When I do any painting I always paint the sides with a custom color that is specific to that particular piece. When doing sides of flower paintings, there are a lot more finer details and flowers to paint around. I usually do 4 times around, sometimes more. To get an idea, the one I just did, if you add up the sides it is 18′ around. In this case I painted the sides 6 times which equals 108 linear feet! That is a lot.

Also, I did a couple of thing different which I tried to streamline the process, I liked how it went and look forward to creating another (not so big) very soon. Here are a couple of pictures!

Big painting!Here it is, in its new home!

10 thoughts on “Flowers For The Cloud Room

  1. Eric, That is so special. Enjoyed reading the detail of how you paint and the amount of paint.

  2. It’s so beautiful, Eric! I’d love to see it hanging in its home someday! I think the photo with you behind the painting is great!

  3. I love your flower paintings, and this one is just beautiful. I was lucky enough to see it hanging in its new home and it is very impressive hanging on the wall I can’t imagine anyone walking in the room and saying anything other than WOW that is just beautiful!

    1. Jim, So kind of you to say that! I am so lucky to have you helping me. It means a great deal. So much goes into making these and you are awesome. You are very much appreciated ✨

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