Website Updated

It’s been a while since I have posted. I took some much-needed time away after the Golden Beetle project. I went to La Push, Wa. to do my favorite thing, clear the beaches of trash. I took my mother there, it was her first time. We had a nice four days away. Once back in town I started on a commission that I am currently in the middle of. My first Colorstretch commission, it turned out really nice. I will be posting pictures once all completed. Now, over the past weekend I updated my website and added a new gallery, “Piecemeal.” I am really pleased with how it looks. I have a very cool thing coming up next week! I can’t say, pictures to come…

2 thoughts on “Website Updated

  1. I think it’s been a pretty incredible year for you and your special talents! One of the highlights would certainly have to be the donation and sale of Mixed Flowers at the Seattle Humane Society gala in May! So proud of you!

    1. Thank you for the very nice comment, it has been a great year! It has been filled with lots of creativity! Looking forward to 2015…

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