Tuxes and Tails 2014

So now that I have delivered mixed Flowers #2 to Agrodolce, and took #1 to my studio it’s now time to photograph it and prepare for it to be delivered May 10th!

I’m going to include a photo of my dear Alma. It was 5 years ago that Alma was rescued from Seattle Humane Society. When she was rescued we knew she was going to be the featured cat at Tuxes and Tails 2009. Although she was not there she made a painting. They provided the surface and dipped her three paws (yes I have two three legged kitties) in to black and white paint. Then it looks like they made her walk over the surface. That painting was auctioned at the event!!! So, five years later donating a painting, it’s like full circle. I hope it sells for lots of money! It all goes to benefit the amazing organization and animals at the Seattle Humane Society.


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