What A Trip

I’m back from London. My mom and I had an amazing time. We were able to go yo the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert museum, Somerset House to see the exhibit we flew there to see. Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore. It was everything I expected and more! Did a lot of walking and checked out as much as we could. The underground was a snap once we figured it out!

Going to the coast town of Hastings was a treat. We didn’t do much, but ate good food and shopped a little. Walked on the beach and did a couple of touristy things. This bed and breakfast we stayed at was truly great. Totally vegan and they had quite the spread every morning. We were the only two staying at the B&B the 3 days we were there. I discovered a delicious condiment, Marmite. I had to bring some back it is so tasty.

Upon coming back to London, my mother developed post-op complications. So we didn’t do much but stay close to our B&B. I was able to catch a play of Molière “The Hypochondriac”. That was fun, at the same time my friend brought me to the art department of the school that put on the play. All I can say is damn those kids are very talented.

We walked in Richmond Park, and watched my friends two Dalmatians go nuts. It was chilly but managed to stay warm. We saw several herds of deer, that was fun to see.

Being in London I feel like every step I take something happened on that very spot, London is old, and the history is great. I will be returning later this year. If possible. I am so thankful I was able to go with my mom and come back inspired!

Pictures to follow. My iPhone broke so I was unable to take pix on my phone. So in the process of combining camera photos with my moms and mine.

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