Here We Go, 2014 Will Be Great

So looking back on 2013, It was an amazing year for my art. I sold more paintings in 2013 then ever before in the nine years that I have been painting. I had several commissions, which were very fun to create, as well as being learning experiences for me. I have all new flower paintings for the new year at Agrodolce Restaurant in Fremont. The technique has evolved over the year, I’m really pleased with them. I opened Colorspace studio, which doubles as a workspace/showroom. I love being at Inscape Arts. December was the first artist open house I was able to be apart of. It was a great day, lots of friends showed up, sold some work, and met new people. It was so great to see the public come through the doors and see the collective energy that is Inscape. I wanted to end the year with two new Colorstretch paintings for the bar at Agrodolce. They are the largest of that technique to date. They are big, beautiful and bold. Someone though, inquired about purchasing them so… I am now making four more. Two for Agrodolce, and two more for their replacements, because I am thinking people will really like them. So, that being said, I will have them up by the end of this month, I swear!!

I think 2014 will be a great year. My art will be hanging at Broadcast Coffee on Bellevue Ave in Capitol Hill in August and September. Art classes are in order too. Not sure yet what I will be taking. Maybe stained glass, stone carving, or encaustic painting. We shall see.

To all, I hope 2014 is a splendid year for you!


P.S. I love having visitors stop by.
Email me and lets schedule a time!

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