Two New Paintings For Agrodolce

It has been a year since I made five 36″x48″ and two 48″x60″ flower paintings. All are numbered one. Over the year, two have sold off the wall. Yellow Flowers#1 and Red Flowers #1. They were replaced by number #2 of each Red and Yellow.

This year has been marked with lots of ups and downs–it will end with me hanging 3 new flower paintings to round out the numbers to be all #2. It will certainly be refreshing to have a whole wall of new paintings for the new year! Currently Blue and Green #2 are drying and will be able to be seen in my studio for the open house. I will have four on display. Then Blue and Green will be moved to Agrodolce the following week, unless they sell on the 8th of December. Then #3 will be made!

I am very pleased with how my technique has evolved over the year. They are the most highly textured paintings I have ever created. They are fun and beautiful to gaze at. Please come to my open house to see the latest in my creations!

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