Next Art Walk

My next show will be at salon Bar-Kon on Capitol Hill. I will start hanging soon and the date is 2-8-18. Stop by and say Hi! There will be several small paintings there. Going to showcase flowers and stained glass pieces! New work will be on display!


I have art at Cloud Gallery for two months! The art will hang till 1-31-18! I have all my flower paintings there as well as my Piecemeal Textured Triptych. Had the opening at Capital Hill Art Walk on the 14th. The next Art Walk will be on 1-11-18, a Thursday. Thank you Dennis at Frame Central for all of your help as well as letting me have a show! Happy Holidays.


Tomorrow night is the Night Of Hope Gala! The pictures above are of the Yellow Flowers that I am donating. This is the last of the 7 that were in this size in the old style that did not have high texture. I have donated four of them to charity! I sure hope this realizes a nice sum. Pictures tomorrow!!!