Been changing my studio around! After 3.5 years and the same desk I have bought a new to me, vintage metal engineers desk…it’s a big desk and very heavy! Taking down old sheets that I used to protect the walls. I’m getting the walls ready for my summer open house! I am going to have lots of small pieces hopefully create what I see in my head a wall of flowers🤔. That will be a lot of nails. This is the wall I’m thinking about. 

And my new desk! I love it. 

I will continue to change up my studio in the next couple of weeks. More pix later…

Paintings Are Back

We picked them up from Golden Beetle Saturday, and they sure need a cleaning!!! The name of them “Textured Tryptic”, was a huge undertaking that I did for my friend. But it got me to create something fantastic! Three, 36″ x 48″, for a total of 36 sq ft. There are over 120 separate sections that make up the three. They will be featured for the first time outside of Golden Beetle at my open house the 1st Sunday in December. Pictures to come in a couple of days!