New Hang @ Evergreen Chiropractic


I now have paintings on display at Evergreen Chiropractic on Capitol Hill. The address is 1666 E. Olive Way at Boylston Ave. E. This is a very nice space, warm and inviting with beautiful old growth wood beams. There are three hung there so far. The three being my Textured Triptych, they fit just perfect there. More will be hung in the next couple of weeks! Also will post date of the next Capital Hill Art Walk.

Golden Beetle Closing

Super sad to hear that Golden Beetle in Ballard will be closing its doors. Two years ago I painted three big and beautiful Piecemeal paintings for the remodeling of the interior. It was an amazing feat for me because it took so long to paint the three, and there is so much color and detail. I think they are wonderful. So, as GB closes I will be picking up the three on Saturday and bringing them to my studio. This will be great for my open house in December because not very many people have seen these at all. Can’t wait to have them back!!

Salon Bar-Kon

I have a small show at Salon Bar-Kon on Capital Hill, 1416 Boylston Ave. My friend Rodney, the salon owner, asked me if I would hang colorful paintings in his brand new place, and I of course said yes! There are 10 paintings of various sizes and styles, and they will hang for two months there. They look great!!