Unique Experience 

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I will be donating a Yellow Flowers to the Night of Hope Gala in November. Today the event coordinator reached out and asked if I would like to have lunch with the winner of the painting. I said sure! Sounds like it will be all tied up into one auction lot. This is exciting. More information to come……

Just Confirmed….

I will be donating Yellow Flowers #3 to “Night of Hope Gala” 2017! It will be the second donation I have made to this particular event! Very excited, and I do think I will be attending it as well. Money raised befits people diagnosed with cancer needing services and care. I have been to one other black tie event, and it was back in 2015, Tuxes and Tails, where I donated Mixed Flowers #1! I did have so much fun being a part of something so important and dear to my heart. Can’t wait to share pictures!

P.s. The event is 80’s theme! Gonna get myself a wig. đź’™80’s forever!