Pet Loss

Earlier this year I lost both my kitty and snake within 2 months of each´┐╝ other. It has been really hard for me to create. I have only made 3 paintings this year. The least amount ever. Having lost them has really affected me. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m not sure why this happened, but it’s time to create again. Now that I’m out of Inscape and my studio at home I need to find my groove. I have a painting that I want to start again. I will be posting as things are made. Hoping to get a new body of work.

Studio Empty

I delivered the last painting yesterday that was in the studio. They came on Tuesday to pick up the three that are going to Swedish! All I have left is touching up the walls with paint and fill nail holes. I’m really sad that this is the end of the line for me here at Inscape Arts. It has been a good run, 6 years is a long time. Now I’ll be working out of my house until something happens. Who knows I might end up in another art collective one day!

There is lots of of paint on the floor. So empty, so sad ­čś×

Swedish Art Collection

After Agrodolce switched hands I had to remove the flower paintings that I had there. Two were 48″x 60″ canvases, the largest I have ever painted on. That’s 20 sf each, a lot of mass and wall space. They hung in a private dining alcove in the restaurant they were perfect for that space. When I found out that it was changing hands I was worried because leaving Inscape I needed to find these a home. No one had bought them at my last open house, so that led me to reaching out to Swedish Medical Center to see if they would accept them as an art donation. After a week of waiting I found out that they would accept them as a donation! Honored and thrilled I am! So much less stress. They also accepted a painting titled “Green as Far as the Eye Can See” made in 2014 is one of only two I have had professionally framed. It is stunning like the flowers I have titled Millefiori 1and 2. I can’t wait to find out where they are hung so I can go visit them! This is a highlight of my art career! ´┐╝´┐╝

Up and Running

My new studio space is almost up and running! I have to bring up all my paints and gather more floor coverings. I have my easel with a painting I haven’t touched in a couple of years on it. Can’t wait to get out the brushes and create! It’s been a long time since I have painted a painting. 2019 is the year with the least amount of paintings in 15 years. More on why to come… it’s definitely time to get back to work.

Permanent Home

The piano that I painted for a Pianos in the Park 2017 has been here with me at Inscape for two years. It was painted here. I’ll never forget choosing the piano, 1 of 11, and it was cool because this one spoke to me. I loved being able to put the blue flowers on the framed part on the front of´┐╝ the piano. I loved everything about that experience. What an honor to have been chosen for that. Well now that I’m leaving Inscape Arts it will stay behind for others to enjoy for years and years to come. I’ll have to visit it from time to time during their twice a year open studios! I’ll miss seeing it when I leave.

Agrodolce Changing Hands

After 6 years of my art at Agrodolce Restaurant in Fremont I had to remove it. It changed hands in March, and the new owner wanted to decorate to his liking. I had a great time being a part of the restaurant. My art made the walls so beautiful. I perfected my technique over the years being there. They are so unique, colorful, vibrant, and textured. So many people loved to see them there. I had many commissions and met really great people. I was able to deliver flowers to Chicago because of my flowers seen there. I will hold those memories very dear to my heart. Wish you the best of luck!

New Studio Space

After 6 years At Inscape Arts my studio will relocate back to my home. I have been painting for 15 years now and 9 of them have been at my house, so I am accustomed to it. I will miss Inscape terribly but all things come to an end. Who knows, I might have another space in an art  collective again one day. I am in the middle of setting my space up and will start painting again real soon! New artwork to come soon, with pictures.